Gun-Cleaning Is your firearm due for a cleaning, but you aren’t completely familiar or comfortable with completing the process yourself? Do you want to let loose on the shooting range, but don’t want the hassle of taking your gun apart to clean it? Whether this is your first firearm or you are an avid gun collector, the team at Lone Star Defense & Arms is happy to take care of the cleaning process for you. In order for your gun to work properly, it needs to be cleaned in the correct manner. Improper cleaning procedures can cause your firearm to perform poorly when you need it most. Prevent this from happening with the help of the friendly staff at our gun shop!

Even if you know all of the ins and outs of the gun cleaning process, a detailed gun cleaning can be a hassle. Let our professionals take care of it for you! We work with firearms every day and we would much rather have your gun operating safely than not at all. Our staff is happy to handle everything ranging from a full detail strip to a simple cleaning after a day on the range. We will take our time to make sure that your firearm is treated with the best cleaning supplies and the utmost care. Our experts will get into every nook and cranny and remove any and all debris that has built up inside of your firearm. What are you waiting for? Come visit us for a quick cleaning and before you know it, your firearm will be as good as new.