Below are testimonials from just a few of our very satisfied clients. If you are a prior client of Lone Star Defense & Arms LLC and would like to add your testimonial here, please click the link below.


“Dropped by this morning with my three kiddos (10, 8 and 7). The store owners David and Amy were very friendly to all four of us, answering the kids’ questions and showing them different guns. We left with a Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 Sport, an AR-15 in .22 LR. It’s for my 10-year old son to shoot at the ranch, he couldn’t be happier. Actually it was at my son’s insistence we visited Lone Star Defense & Arms because of the sky-high online review rating. I’m going to send every single person I know who is looking for a gun to David & Amy and I’m going to post about their store on my neighborhood FB page too. Great experience.”

Daragh C.

“I’ve been doing business with David and Amy at Lonestar since just after they first opened. They are really good people who understand their mission as serving others. Their customer service is the best. They are honest, trustworthy, personable and extremely professional. I have sold several consignment guns through them, and always get a very reasonable price. I have had several FFL transfers through them, and always have been impressed at their price and expediency. Beyond the sale, they are interested in building relationships and helping people. They are particularly good with first-time gun buyers, and will take whatever time is needed for the customer to understand safety and basic operation skills. I have recommended several friends to them, and each one had raved about how well they’ve been treated. They have a big vision for the future, and I hope it becomes a reality. Visit Lonestar and you won’t be disappointed!”

Dave S.

“David and all the folks at Lone Star Defense & Arms,
I wanted to thank you for call about the Remington 870 I just ordered. I found y’all sort of by accident but I’m very happy I did. In the age of big-box stores I’ve become accustomed to lackluster and disinterested employees so it is refreshing to experience the friendly, attentive, and appreciative service I receive every time I walk into your store. It is nice to have found “my LGS” :-)”

Bruce B.

“When my wife and I went looking to purchase our first handguns, I wanted (expected) several things in the retailer I chose: product availability, professionalism, knowledgeable, outstanding value and SUPERB customer service. Lone Star Defense and Arms nailed it on all fronts!

We couldn’t be any happier with our purchases and with the service that Uncle Steve, Amy and David provided…even on a busy day! It meant a lot to us knowing that the crew at Lone Star will be there to take care of our firearm needs and always strive to offer exceptional service.

I’ve found my Go To store!”

Marcus M.

“I just made my 3rd and 4th purchase at Lone Star Defense and Arms. I had been looking for a hunting rifle in 308, found what I wanted, and had it delivered to Lone Star as the FFL. They are very efficient and customer-service oriented, as well as the most competitively priced FFL you’ll find in Houston. Also, I was having a challenge finding the scope I wanted, and David was able to get what I wanted for me at a price to match what was advertised elsewhere. Excellent service, most competitive pricing, knowledgeable and friendly. If I need anything else I’ll certainly go here. I highly recommend them.”

Warren S.

“Wholeheartedly agree with previous comments. Owners are great to work with on firearm purchases. Process going in with CHL is amazingly quick. Looking forward to making future purchases with them.”

Bob N.

Great people to deal with. I have done transfers through them, and the service can’t be beat!! Also, they have the best prices in town, and will match any other prices out there. Will definitely continue to do business with from now on!!!

Chris B.

“I had been looking for a FFL at an economy price so that I could order an AR-15 receiver to build my own. This was an option to get build one myself rather than buy a complete one retail. We stopped in to look around, and I found David and his staff to be so helpful and knowledgeable – I was quite impressed (and I have not been so at most stores). After looking at the M&P AR-15 they had in stock, at the best price I’ve seen anywhere – I bought it on the spot. I don’t think I could have saved anything building my own. I highly recommend Lone Star Defense!”

Warren S.

“I have used these great folks for FFL transfers and purchased items from them as well. The are very helpful and friendly and know their firearms. When you use David and Amy you will be very pleased. Nobody better in town!!!!”

G. Lehman

“I have used Lone Star Defense and Arms for two transfers so far. I will throw as much business their way as possible in the future.David and Amy are very nice people and I wish them the best of luck.”

Howard H.

“Excellent customer service. I was in the market for a hard to find gun model and the husband and wife team were the ONLY ones who offered to find it for me. Prices are fantastic, even cheaper than Academy, Gander Mountain and other big volume buyers. If you don’t want to deal with condescending guns shops (I’m looking at you Carter’s) or are only interested in selling at retail pricing or higher, SHOP HERE FIRST! I am really happy with my new Walther from them!”

John H. Houston, TX, (YP.com)

“Nice shop. A little hard to find as they are located in a smaller building next to an automotive repair shop. Call if in doubt. These folks are professional, friendly and approachable and they answer the phones. Clean new shop. Run by a husband and wife team. They have a lounge area and specialize in home defense arms. Decent selection, if they don’t have it, they can get it for you.

One thing to note. I am an old gun guy, one of the things that makes it hard for newbies to get into the sport is the machismo and intimidating atmosphere when selecting and buying your first gun. Some shop clerks are long on opinions and short on listening. Not so here.

I went with a female friend. She was looking for a self-defense weapon. Just researching with my help. (Because she did not want to go to a gun store alone.). The lady sales clerk (owner wife as I only later found out) helped my friend so much and gave her informative and responsive answers without the oft seen hot air that I decided to relax in the lounge and look over their selection. My friend happily handled 6 or 7 guns for self-defense and tried a few “flyers” I thought she should try out. No sales pressure, and we felt free to feel and touch all of the inventory. It came down to the SA XD-S and the S&W shield in 9mm. My friend picked the XD, the shop patiently explained the paperwork / background check and CHL processes, costs and suggestions for ammo.

While we were there, we noticed a good flow of female clientele and friends of the shop. Nice folks with a nice shop. I highly recommend it.”

H.C. Fullerton, CA, (Yelp)

“Tell you what and not to be repetitive, I couldn’t be happier with the great deal I got at Lone Star on a S&W M&P40F and the First Class service from the owners. New to semi-automatics, David and Amy made me completely comfortable with the purchase and process. They are very professional and knowledgeable but laid back as noted by others. It’s a family atmosphere there too with lounge chairs and coffee, the kinda place you feel right at home at. There were several people hanging out sharing experiences and such, reminded me of some of the cigar hangouts I frequent. Maybe he’ll put in a humidor? The M&P 40 performed just as David said it would, very nice pistol and worth every penny!! But I’ll be talking to David about laser sights next cuz my eyes aren’t what they used to be!!! Anyways…Nice place, Nice owners and Great deals, worth the drive from any direction.”

Rick S. Spring, TX, (Yelp)

“This is a new business and eager to do it right. I and a group of thirteen other folks did our CHL class at their location yesterday and had a great experience. The owners, husband and wife, couldn’t be more pleasant or professional. They are eager to help you anyway they can. It is a breath of fresh air to do business with people who appreciate your business and make you feel like family. I highly recommend a visit, or to use for your CHL.”

Steve B. Houston, TX, (Facebook)

“This was by far the best customer service experience that I have ever had with a firearms dealer. At Lone Star, they are always willing to go the extra mile for their customers and it is because of this that I will check with them before I make any future firearms purchases. I found out about them when I was in need of a local FFL to receive a firearms transfer for my recent online gun purchase. They charged the cheapest transfer fee out of all the FFL dealers I know of at $15 for rifles and pistols, so I decided to give them a try and I’m glad I did, because it’s been a great experience not to mention they have really great prices on their guns so I’ll be purchasing directly from them very soon. In addition to having the best prices, if they don’t already have what you need, they’re willing to go above and beyond to get what you need. Their services far exceed expectations so do not hesitate to give them a try as I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.”

Albert P. Houston, TX, (Yelp)

“I got a great deal on a hard to find Glock! I even got a nice educational session with David and Amy on different guns and ammo. I’m pretty unfamiliar with guns but they made it easier to understand and offered nice little tips on handling and cleaning. I have already recommended them to a lot of my friends and will be calling them for my next firearm purchase!”

Eva V. Stafford, TX, (Yelp)